So, I quit the gym

So, I quit the gym

Quitting the gym was not an easy decision… it took me a few months to finally put my signature on the dotted line and cancel the direct debit.

It almost felt like I was going back on the reasons as to why I first joined, the realisation that I wanted to become motivated and to start taking better care of a) my health and b) my body. So naturally, I started to wonder am I doing the right thing? Will I gradually lose all of my fitness I’ve gained over the past year or so because I’m no longer a member? Does quitting mean I’m a quitter?

The answer turned out to be pretty simple. Just go for it.

It was 100% the right decision, and it gave me the motivation to go ahead and start a new routine (and one I’m happy with right now, and also with how strong I’m starting to feel). Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoy sweaty step classes, the ‘delayed’ sore legs from a hard spin session and smashing through a boxing routine with a new partner every week. However, although I enjoyed the classes I had started to lose interest which inevitably leads to losing motivation too. I wanted, and needed, a new challenge.

I always thought I was never going to be a ‘morning’ person and that the idea of trying to train and then get showered, dry my hair, put on my make up and eat my breakfast all before setting off to work seemed pretty ridiculous (and impossible!) but I vividly remember one morning waking up at 6.30am and pushing myself out of bed and sleepily getting into my gym clothes, trainers and all. Stepping downstairs and turning on the TV, switching to YouTube and searching for The Body Coach TV and pressing play on this beginner HIIT workout.


I sweated my way through the video and by the time I had finished it wasn’t even 7am… and my workout for the day was done! I remember feeling this overwhelming sense of satisfaction for getting myself out of bed and pushing through the intense barrier that was simply my mind forcing me to not take action. I did it. And this was the turning point for me, realising I had to push through and just go for it, no longer hitting snooze and getting my butt downstairs before I even had chance to rethink it.

I’ve heard it takes 21 days to form a habit, and with this in mind I decided to look into fitness programmes that would last for 4 weeks or so, at least I knew this meant I didn’t have to think about what type of workout to do each day and lessening my chances of not sticking to it. So after a little bit of research I discovered – a husband and wife team committed to providing affordable and accessible workouts for every level of fitness. I decided to try out the FB30 programme, an 8 week timetable that combined strength training and cardio all for under 30 minutes a day (with an option for extra credit if time allowed). The programme cost under £12 – my gym membership per month had been £32…

I’ve finally found my routine and 5 days a week I’m up at 6.30am, gym clothes on (ready to pull on by the side of my bed – no excuses!) and smash my way through the programme, and for the first time in months I have actually started to notice results. This is both physical and mental, I discovered on days that I don’t wake up and train I’m generally more sleepy! Many of the workouts are equipment free, however I’d recommend investing in a set of dumbbells for the strength training – trust me you won’t bulk up but instead you’ll feel strong and your muscles start to become more toned – hello slender arms! I have a set of adjustable dumbbells which I can switch between depending on the type of exercise I’m focusing on, and I also have a couple of kettle bells too.

Quitting the gym turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, if you’re thinking about working out at home just go for it. Take an evening to search through Youtube and find a workout that interests you then give it a go.

You’ll never regret investing time in yourself, I promise!